How to Write Essays - Easy Essay Writing Tips and Creative Skills

How to Write Essays – Easy Essay Writing Tips and Creative Skills

As soon as you are given a topic or an essay writing project, the first question that pops up in your head is; how should I do my essay? It might seem very mind-boggling in the beginning, but if you religiously remember and practise the following essay writing tips & creative skills, this task will seem like a piece of cake for you.

Learn Roots

Understand and comprehend the granular layer in the underlying foundations of words. Most words in the English dialect are derived from a typical root, for the most part with an origin in the Greek or Latin dialect. When you utilise root words, you’ll then start to see more words that utilise a similar root, and will, therefore, be able to diversify your breadth of your word bank.

Utilise a Thesaurus

Keep a thesaurus with you. As you write, keep a thesaurus nearby and use it when you end up utilising a word time and again, or if you make use of a word that you feel doesn’t necessarily pass on the correct significance of the statement you’re trying to make. This will enable you to convey precisely what you feel, whilst you will also ameliorate and broaden the scope of your vocabulary.

Create Practical Vocabulary

This implies that you should begin by learning words that are critical for the main task at hand. A genuine case of this is learning exchange dialect or words you regularly use in a leisure activity or job. Instead of promptly swinging to banalities or language that is hurled around, search for clearer words to express to peers what you’re meaning to project.

Keep a Journal

Journaling won’t simply just enable you to build up your composition style; it will likewise enable you to enhance your vocabulary. Owing to the habit of journaling, endeavour to utilise new or fascinating words you’ve adopted as of late into a diary passage for the day or the week.

Expand Your Reading List

Every individual is not necessarily exposed to literature or reading material that helps to improve their vocabulary, thus their pool of words tends to be compromised. As a result, enhance the themes you read to incorporate regular science, Shakespeare, contemporary writing, legislative issues, history, theory or some other points you figure you may appreciate reading.

Do Word Puzzles

Word puzzles in the paper or a magazine aren’t only a fun method to fill time; they’re additionally ideal for boosting your working vocabulary. Crossword puzzles are a test that gets your mind stimulated, as your mind and memory starts seeking for words that you may know but won’t necessarily utilise, and this can enable you to move words from your memory banks into your writing craft.

All things considered, there are openings and windows of opportunities surrounding you that can help you build the ability to write. Therefore, make it a point to invest energy consistently into reading, as this shall help you to augment your thought process and will enable you to fuse new words into your academic work.