How Do I Write A Good Piece Of 2-Sided Argumentative Essay?

How Do I Write A Good Piece Of 2-Sided Argumentative Essay?

For most students, arguing effortlessly on passionate subjects is a task as natural as speaking or eating. However, when it comes to translating those thoughts onto paper, such students tend to face difficulty in writing and organising their thoughts.

Similarly, a majority of the students find it difficult to formulate arguments as it is happening. For them, valid evidentiary statements for their arguments occur days later, often at an inappropriate moment in time. For that reason, they are unable to jot down their thoughts in order to utilise them in their writings.

However, argumentative essays aren’t as difficult as they deem to be. Once, an individual follows a specific structure and creates an elaborative plan, the argumentative genre of writing ends up becoming the student’s most awaited project. Strong argumentative essays follow the ensuing pattern:

  • Topic: For an argumentative essay, the topic is the most essential In case the student is not assigned with a topic, they should meticulously deliberate over selecting the right topic. In an argumentative essay, the selected topic should be based on a narrow topic that is of interest to the writer. As a result, the formulation of arguments will come naturally and carrying out the research process will be enjoyable for the writer. Furthermore, the chosen topic should have a significant amount of information present which can be utilised in your writing. It is crucial for the topic to hold a neutral tone, thus it shouldn’t have a definitive answer
  • Outline: Once the topic has been decided, one should jot down the points they want to discuss in their essay. At this stage, ideas that are against one’s own point of view should be explored In regards to this, the student will have an idea to create a counter-argument based on the initial philosophies. Next, one should plan the structure of the essay and prioritise the placement of arguments from the highest degree of significance to that of a lower degree. As soon as that is accomplished, the person can move forward with writing their essay.
  • Find evidences: To make one’s argument convincing for the reader, the necessity of credible evidences is vital. As a result, thorough research should be carried out to find a scholarly article that can be integrated in to the essay. However, in order to avoid plagiarism, it is crucial to add in-text citation when adding references of an external study.
  • Structure: An argumentative essay follows a pattern parallel to a normal essay. Hence, it includes an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs and a concluding paragraph. The introduction of the essay should deliver a brief introduction on the topic followed by a thesis statement which provides the reader with one’s point of view. The body paragraph introduces the opposite arguments along with its evidence and shifts into one’s own point of view and its evidence. Lastly, the argumentative essay comprises of a concluding paragraph that completes the argument and convinces the reader to favour the chosen point of view.

By application of the stated items, one can construct significant arguments that can generate the reader’s interest. This can lead one’s argumentative essay to serve as a non-biased informatory piece that can enhance the reader’s knowledge.