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Essay Writing Importance – Correcting Undergraduate’s Mistakes

Writing is essentially a difficult and dreadful task for students. Although the university curriculum holds immense significance for writing, the majority of the students are still unable to grasp the basics. Most top essay writing services have been facilitating academic help to students. However, the writing problem is still enormous and remains relevant in the academic field. The following are some of the commonly occurred mistakes in the essays of undergraduate students.

  1. Poor grammar and punctuation: Let’s begin with the most obvious and yet the most crucial one. If your content consists of grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes than the overall quality of the material will fall flat. Hence, it is essential that after producing the first draft, students should complete the final stage of essay writing – which is editing and proofreading. Furthermore, check and correct the unnecessary comma input or wrong utilisation of inverted commas. Moreover, special attention should be given to spellings and statistical figures.
  2. Lacking ambition and vision: An essay needs to have a strong vision. If your content comprises information which doesn’t necessarily indicate the purpose and intention of the essay coherently, then that ends up lowering the impact of the essay. Moreover, if you have the liberty of choosing your title, then pick something that challenges you and pushes you to a new academic height. Don’t play it safe as that will potentially give the impression that you’re not interested in your work.
  3. A narcissistic approach: Students often tend to make the mistake of taking a narcissistic approach while writing an essay. This essentially makes the essay all about themselves. While it is the subjective point of view and not at all bad, when the factual information doesn’t match your personal opinion, a sense of incoherency can be witnessed in the content. If you’ve put forth your perspective, you need to provide evidence that potentially support your argument and stance as well.
  4. Redundant sentences: One of the most commonly reoccurring mistakes which students make is the incorporation of redundant sentences. This also includes the run-on sentences. Due to the presence of unimportant and irrelevant information in the content, the entire piece seems forced. Furthermore, when the sentences are too lengthy and lack proper conjunction, then the essay loses its readability.
  5. Paraphrasing: Paraphrasing is something which is an essential part of the However, it is equally ineffective when it comes to writing an essay. When you keep repeating the same thing again and again, your matter becomes less impactful. It is observed that amateur writers tend to make this mistake more often than not. Therefore, it is important that while you’re writing, you give special attention to this aspect.
  6. Misusing words: Although it is highly encouraged for students to incorporate new and advanced vocabulary in their essay, it is extremely discouraged to input words without knowing the actual meaning. Students make the mistake of adding inappropriate words in comparison with the context. Due to this, a sense of inadequacy and uneasiness is developed which decreases the quality of the passage.
  7. Abortive introduction: The introduction of an essay has to be impactful and leave a lasting impression on the reader. It has the responsibility of grabbing the attention of the reader and persuade them to continue further. Students are usually weak when it comes to producing a well written, precise, and effective introduction. This ability and skill are learned through experience and by learning from mistakes. Moreover, it is important that the introductory paragraph is short and to the point. Excessive incorporation of information will easily overwhelm the reader and demotivate them to read further.
  8. Weak supporting sentences: The structure of the essay is simple and comprised three sections: an introduction, main body, and a conclusion. The main body serves as the heart of the essay as it consists of the most significant information. The main body is further segmented into three to five paragraphs to increase the readability of the content. These paragraphs begin with topic sentences and are followed by five to four supporting sentences. They are supposed to provide evidence and back your stance. Hence, ensure that they are absolute and collected from an authentic source.