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Are There Any Free Online Courses On Creative Writing?

The flaws in the educational systems are further strengthened by the lack of diversity offered in educational courses. Students are mandated to study science, math and basic language. However, when it comes to subjects like sports and arts, the majority of the schools lack the resources along with the funds to offer those courses to talented students.

With regards to this, students resort to the services of online websites in order to channel their creativity and avail the finest form of education from experts. Despite the fact that gaining professional help- free of cost is extremely rare, a myriad of websites have extended their creative writing classes to students without supplementary charges.  Some of these websites are:

  • Coursera: Coursera offers multiple courses in all subjects affiliated with a variety of universities – inclusive of Ivy League schools. However, the creative writing course hosted by this platform is offered by Wesleyan University. This creative writing course is directed towards students who aspire to be a novelist in the future. It extends its expertise in three key genres in creative writing: narrative essay, memoirs and short story.  Furthermore, it permits its students to select the order of which they want to study a particular section of the course.
  • Open University: Open University allows its students to partake in creative writing courses, specifically directing its focus towards fictional writing as well as poetry.
  • Yale University: In spite of being an Ivy League school, Yale University offers online classes in the subject of contemporary poetry. Essentially, it includes the discussion of authors such as Yeats, Eliot, and Pound, Stevens, Moore, Bishop, and Frost. Moreover, the class is inclusive of active criticism of the poet’s work in terms of modern views. The course comprises of twenty-five audio recorded lectures for students who wish to participate in this course.
  • The Crafty Writer: The Craft Writer is an eight-session online creative writing course that serves as a podium for beginner writers. It allows students to move forward at their own pace. Hence, this website is perfect for students already enrolled in an institution as they can work on their writing skills in their own time. An additional benefit of these classes is that it teaches individuals to analyse and critique their own However, with additional charges, students can avail the feedback of their work from a professional writer.
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Additionally, another Ivy League schools that offer creative writing courses online, free of cost is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT facilitates advanced level teachings in the genre of fiction, editing and publishing, professional essay writing along with providing mandatory reading material to the students.

The presence of these courses has allowed students to express themselves creatively and improve their writing skills from the comfort of their own home. By means of availing these courses, students are delivered the opportunity to school themselves and polish their skills so they can become the writers that they are destined to be!